New interface to my studio

I was a early adopter to the Universal Audio Apollo Quad interface.  I love the plug ins and how this interface works now.  But The ride to get here was not all lollypops and pony’s!  In a nutshell it works the best with the thunderbolt option.  I had to sell my mac pro. and convert my macbook pro to my studio machine for now.  Tracking with plug ins running is a great experience.   I will try to do some more updates about this in the future – BB

Fostex Ar-4i iPhone and iPad Touch Audio interface

Here is a video of my new Fostex AR-4i iPhone and iPod Touch Audio Interface. its really cool and works great.

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Watching DrumCorps Practice

Last week I got a chance to see Blue Stars Drumcorps practice.  They look like they are going to be very good again this year.  It makes me as a alumni very happy.

Wooten Clinic

So I was able to attend a Victor Wooten clinic a few weeks ago.  He is a great player, and a very nice guy

so here are some video clips  for you all !

More updates on website

I now have links page working, cotact page, and the start of the live sound page done. Please contact me if you would like to exchange some links.