Bryan Butler – Bass Guitar / Tuba

Bryan is a native of the deep south in Alabama and currently resides in the La Crosse, WI, area. As a child Butler knew he was different than the other boys. His first album was George Clinton and the P-Funk All-Stars, and everyone else was still pretty hung up about the whole Milli Vanilli and New Kids On The Block thing. His love of groove music flourished into a devotion to being the man on the bottom, whether he tooted on his tuba, plugged in a bass guitar, or tooted on the other boys who chided his love for “the P-funk.”

Bryan’s Musical Background


Music Performance / Telecommunications – UW La Crosse
Drum and Bugle Corps

Blue Stars Drum and Bugle Corp 1994-1999 contrabass (tuba)
Dechorah Kilties Drum and Bugle Corps Staff 1998
Racine Kilties Drum and Bugle Corps Staff 2005 Visual Caption Head 2006
Blue Stars Staff Drum and Bugle Corps staff 2000, 2001, winter 2002, winter 2007
Gigging Bands

Dr Trip
Spit the Winkle
Mr. T And The General Lee
Sundown Blues Band
The Monday Saga
Theres Been A Fire

Leithold Music
Hal Leonard Music Publishing
American Music And Sound Music Creation Division (currently)
**Running live sound and recording since 2001**